Genealogy as Methodology


I am mute though

I can’t stop talking


I am cast adrift

slowly dispersing

I am everywhere but nowhere at all

As you slip away

I know. One day you will die

And I will still be here

Bobbing around

deafened by the loss

That began the day I was born

Forever a grace note

In other people’s lives

Until one day

I’m not.

Unanchored: Not anchored or securely fixed; not having a firm basis or foundation; free or liberated

My current guiding light: Distant Rain

My current guiding light is Shaun Tan’s, illustrated story, ‘Distant Rain’.

It seems to make sense of my eclectic research style…

Featuring, scraps of paper poetically carrying with them a sense of human longing for connection and recognition as they eddy around, wafted on wind currents, brushing against and touching other peoples lives. Bringing, ‘mystery, sadness, truth, profundity, hilarity, absurdity and joy.’

The book Is visually beautiful, poetic, has a deep pathos, and a strong through-line that resonates across every word and scrap of paper, filling one with a tenuous but insistent tug, a tug that can only be identified as longing, vibrating at the same frequency as hope.

‘Distant rain’, Speaks of the exquisitely human sense of yearning for that which we cannot name. It reminds us of the beauty, the fragility, the constant emergence of desire, the permanent, impermanence of the ‘longing for and in life’ to be intimate, connected, beautiful, poetic and sustaining. What we often discover is that we are all perfectly, imperfect, flawed and glorious each in our own way. We all want to be seen, to be loved, to love. Shaun Tan’s ‘Distant Rain’ speaks eloquently to that longing.

I hope to do the same though my research into effective and affective, embodied, cultural mediation working with intercultural arts that perform activism as a deeply evocative longing to be seen, to be loved and to love.